The face behind the poms

Hey! For those who don’t know me, I’m Linzi, and I figured that my website launch was the perfect time to tell you a little more about myself. I’m 31, live in North East England, have two excellent kiddos, a needy cocker spaniel and a very handsome bunny. I also live, and work, alongside some pretty unpredictable illnesses.

I don’t feel like I grew up crafty, in fact, I often get the dreaded imposter syndrome when I hear how other makers got started! What I have always been is creative; in my previous life, as a secondary school English teacher, I was always the one volunteering to make the displays and decorate the classrooms, and my powerpoints were always pretty over the top. When I was unable to fulfil my teaching role after a TIA - or mini stroke - in 2018, I was left floundering. My mental health took a nosedive alongside my physical, and it took a lot of intensive therapy, medications and pom poms to get me to the (relatively) sane human who is sat here typing now. Crafting gave me something to do with my hands and my brain, and when my friends and family had enough garlands and wreaths to fill their own houses with, they convinced me to start selling.

I tentatively listed a couple of festive wreaths on my personal Facebook account last November and was quickly inundated with orders. In the New Year I knew I wanted to keep going, building a biz is hard work and I had missed hard work, so I fought to find my niche; there are incredible fibre artists and pom makers out there doing the most and I wanted The Pompomporium to feel like something all of my own, so I spent hours and hours working on my designs; leopard print, floral and galaxy being the most popular. I love creating custom orders for my customers, and being able to share my creativity, and I’m so grateful to all the people I have in my corner helping me to make it happen.

Lots of love

Linzi x

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